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All the rumors that circulated during the day are real, Valve has just announced a new Counter-Strike. The title will come 12 years after the first beta of the revolutionary Counter-Stike, through PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam at the beginning of 2012.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will offer new maps, characters, weapons, and updated versions of classic maps like de_dust. New game modes and leader boards will also be incorporated. Counter-strike: Global Offensive may be tested at PAX Prime and London Games Festival.

Is it just made official now. ' Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' is a reality that will see the light in 2012, and not only for PC/Mac (via Steam), but also for PSN and XBLA, PS3 and Xbox 360, digital services respectively.


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It is not the first time, in any case, the 'counter-strike' enters the field of consoles, since the original had done in 2003 for Xbox, but this time it is a more complete version, with new maps, characters, weapons, and several updates concerning the classic, along with new game modes, matchmaking, leaderboards and more.

It's been almost a whopping 12 years with respect to the original, which emerged as the 'Half-life' clasicazo standalone mod, and even today remains one of the Kings of the cibers. My truth is that never attracted me enough (I've always been more than the ' Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory'), but its influence is beyond doubt. One of the most successful FPS of history.

With this new version, Valve intends to continue making history by expanding its successful saga with this console players ' counter-strike: Global Offensive', and little to do to succeed. Although his greatest success we will see on Steam, that sure. It is that Yes, to see at what price we'll see, and put a date to do so, as discussed at the moment it occurs at the beginning of 2012. But what is certain is that the pump has already been planted...